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Who is Jim Toy?

The name “Jim Toy” is synonymous with the queer movement in the state of Michigan. The first publicly “out” man in Michigan (1970), Jim established the first campus center in history devoted to the support of sexual minority group members. His status as a TBLG icon is based on over 40 years of tireless effort to create safety and equality for people of all sexual and gender preferences through his speaking, teaching, writing, administrating, organizing, and protesting. The Jim Toy Community Center is honored to be associated with his name and to dedicate its work to his causes. 

Our Mission

The Jim Toy Community Center is a resource center that exists to provide information, education, social events, and advocacy by and for the Queer and Ally community in the Washtenaw County area. JTCC welcomes all who support its mission to participate in its activities.

Our Vision

We envision an inclusive community where people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity are visible and live together in equality, respect and happiness.

Our Values



Community Development

Meet the Board

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Joe Halsch, President

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Diana Cass, Vice President


Robert Joerg, Treasurer


Pedro Coracides, Secretary

Pedro joined the board in 2022 as a member-at-large and became Secretary in 2023. He became interested in serving the Washtenaw County community after his involvement in Ann Arbor Pride both as a sponsor and as a board member. He is a master of social work with a passion for community development. Professionally, Pedro has work in the aviation, tech, and health industries, and currently works in higher education sexual misconduct prevention. He resides in Detroit with his husband Tyler and their dog Hudson.

Leigh Greden.jpg

Leigh Greden

Elizabeth J_edited.jpg

Elizabeth Janovic


Kinsey Button


Jelani McGadney


Joe Thomas


David Taylor

Thank you to our past presidents

Travis Radina, 2015 - 2019

Brad O'Furey, 2015 - 2016

Sandi Smith, 2013 - 2014  

Terrance McGinn, 2012     

Linda Lombardini, 2011     

Barry McDougall, 2008 - 2010

Michael G. Mcguire, 2007

Jeremy Merklinger, 2004 - 2006

Meredith Hochman, 2003

Audrey Wojtkowiak, 2002

Jarrod Van Kirk, 2001

Linda Lombardini, 1999 - 2000

Mark Leonard, 1997 - 1998

Kathy Liddle, 1995 - 1997

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